Monday, April 14, 2014

Are we humans inherently good or bad? (#1900)

From the evidence here in America I would say that Republicans think we are inherently bad and Democrats think we are inherently good. There are plenty enough examples of crossovers in the political parties but generally this is what I find. Republicans see us as a species prone to being selfish and Democrats subscribe to the idea that we are more than that. The underlying process that brings the greed out in us here in America is that our economic system is based upon a survival of the fittest form of capitalism. Capitalism breeds a form of greed that is evolutionary within our souls. It forces we individuals to compete against one another for resources. Instead of letting our will have a go at experimenting with innovative thoughts, we assign our innovative thoughts to whether or not we can make profit from them. Surely profit is a motivator for only applying innovations that have utility, but profit has a down side as well. it forces us to do things that are outside our best natures. We come to find in the capitalistic system that failure is destructive. It can take our very souls from us when failure's imminence is realized. There are many reasons for failure and not all have to do with utility. Too many failures are the fault of older technologies suppressing newer ones because of that old friend/enemy called profit. What helps us progress forward is also what stalls that very same progress. I cannot advocate for the type of capitalism now here in America without being able to restructure it to include safeguards and protections from unlimited wealth and power accumulation. When we humans decide that we are inherently good and not inherently bad and start to build a society founded upon our good natural instinct is when we will finally settle the battle here in America about whether we will be an all inclusive democracy or an oligarchy/plutocracy bent toward greedy selfishness.

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