Monday, April 21, 2014

Liberals always lead the way to prosperity (#1907)

Despite the rhetoric coming from Republicans and their pundits, Liberals have always been behind the advancement of a society that cares for itself. Conservatives on the other hand have always been the ones who care LESS about community and more about self aggrandizement at the expense of others. Conservatives see the world through the lens of we only live once so we should take all we legally/illegally can within and without boundaries because caring about others is weak. Our founding fathers were insightful enough to advance us toward progressive policies aimed at inclusion. Abraham Lincoln applied liberal policies in advancing our country from the scourge of slavery. Teddy Roosevelt was highly progressive in busting up big monopolies and preserving our natural habitat. FDR gave us Social Security. Lyndon Johnson brought us Medicare and the civil rights act that finally made it illegal for public discrimination. Barack Obama has now given us a chance for health care to expand to millions of souls who otherwise would still be living without the ability to be more healthy. Everything done in the name of community has been accomplished by liberals and progressives so when you hear Republican conservatives talk about how they are going to make our country stronger, just know that they are talking about more strength for the wealthy and not for the vast majority of us who are around the middle class. Think about the Republican presidents in our lifetime, Nixon caused us to fight a losing war in Vietnam and corrupted our political process with underhanded dealings. Ronald Reagan gave us trickle down economics which worked out great for the wealthy and has been destroying the middle class ever since and of course George Bush the younger. He led us into two wars and the worst economic recession since the Great Depression of the 1930's. So get out and vote in November for every Democrat on the ballot.

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