Saturday, April 26, 2014

My never ending battle against Republicans (#1912)

Another day another Republican attempt to dismantle democracy. My blog started out focusing on the inherent nature of the human species with me arguing that we have 3 natural instincts within us; compassion, curiosity and a survival instinct. The denial of any of any of these, individually, severally or wholly is how we get the lesser instincts that so permeate our current society. I have come from that argument to basing my blog on exposing Republican tactics and strategies that undermine and diminish our democratic principles. Over the last several years I have been leaning into the facts of Republicans and their vision to unsettle and slowly disintegrate our middle class here in America. The morphing of my posting's content to expose and rebut conservative Republicans for allowing their politicians to veer from democracy to a plutocratic/corpocracy is now the priority of this forum. From Republican attempts to destroy all efforts to improve health care for all American citizens to their suppression of voting rights to their unrelenting attacks on women, minorities, seniors and students to demean and deny them equal rights, I have come to fight back. My little simple blogging effort has now become my forum to express my utter contempt and absolute resolve to not only crush Republican vile arguments for lessening democracy but to bury the Republican vision of the survival of the fittest being legitimate as a philosophy for our collective futures. Our human race has evolved into an enlightened civilization and what Republicans would have us do is shut down individual rights within our society and make us dependent upon the whims of corporations and the wealthy for all that we would ever become. I will not sit or stand idly by while the fanatical egos of the wealthy try to wrest our great hard fought for democracy from us.

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