Thursday, April 10, 2014

Only one set of laws (#1896)

Enough of this double standard application of our laws! Regardless of the offense, big or small, the same application of the law is to be absolute. There are always mitigating circumstances that must be considered but the process of the law must never change. We cannot arbitrarily apply the law based upon privilege or advantage. If we are not secure in our knowledge that we all live by the same rules how is it possible for us to have equality of opportunity? It isn't logically possible. Our democracy demands that we sustain our laws in an equal fashion or our democracy is no more. How important is our democracy then if we allow some privileges and advantages over others? Shall we just dismiss the idea of democracy and instead allow for those who can manipulate the law? As it stands now we the people still have the political power to stop the attacks on our democracy by voting for the candidates that best exemplify democratic values. No more should we vote based upon popularity or blind party affiliation. If we don't we will pay a price soon in our futures with, for example, the Republican party and it's push to legalize corporations as citizens and restrict voting in as many ways as they can. We must think and act now to protect our democracy above all things otherwise we will need to be protected from the forces that are mounting a challenge to our democracy and equality of opportunity. The examples of the infiltration and attack on our ability to act as individuals within a society is increasingly being challenged and the gauntlet has been thrown down at our feet. Shall we rise up and exercise our vote to protect the dearness of democracy or shall we hide our heads in the sand while some wealthy sovereign becomes our authoritarian master?

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