Saturday, April 5, 2014

The conservatives and their dilemma with science (#1891)

Here in America we have a quasi political/religious public office seeking crowd who have tons of money to promote their policies on how our society must operate. it has less to do with being civil and more to do with being aggressive toward our own individualism. It breaks down community into areas of agreement that forward taking advantage of all things for selfish purposes as opposed to making life easier in general for all who live. They are authoritarian by nature so community has little to offer them unless it is an advantage they can utilize only for themselves. They base much of their belief on a survival of the fittest right to success that is simply meshed into a religious doctrine that I cannot make any logical sense of. They stand on the ground of religious dogma as long as that dogma submits to their higher priority of selfishness. It is ironic how they use religion to attempt to add justification and validity to their vision but when their vision is dissected down to it's functioning parts, it has nothing much to do with religion and more to do with an obsession of power and greed. I bring all this up so I can segueway to my main point. In order for these current crop of Conservative Republicans to carry their economics and social policies to the fore they have hung themselves on the cross of Christianity. In order for this to work, they must discount the logic of science, since science disproves many paradigms of biblical dogma. So what do conservatives do? They deny the laws of science in order to justify that the bible is infallible as to their strategies. So carbon dating is wrong, the laws of motion are wrong. Especially these two because they govern how we are able to place time relative to objects. If the Universe is only about 6-7 thousands years old then science and it's conclusion that the Universe is older than about 14 billion years must be denied.

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