Friday, April 4, 2014

The voting booth is all we have left (#1890)

Each and every one of we citizens here in America are down to our last option for effecting real change, that being the vote. We all must pick a political philosophy provided realistically by the two main parties. The Democrats and the Republicans have a strong foothold in party membership and one of them will win this ideological struggle we are currently in. Let me remind you that it is Republicans who are restricting the vote in ways that effect more and more average citizens through obtaining costly and often difficult to acquire documents in order to purchase the proper identification Republicans are stipulating is necessary for proving citizenship. It is Republicans who are cutting back on the convenience we have for voting by dropping voting districts in convenient places and making getting to the voting polls a more difficult journey. It is Republicans who are cutting back voting hours in the day of the voting to bottleneck and discourage voters who must now wait in long lines to exercise their right to vote. It is Republicans who are cutting back days that are conveniently available for citizens to vote in order to make voting more difficult for citizens with busy lives who are not always available to vote during the work weekday. it is Republicans who are mounting an army of observers who will be hovering over many citizen's shoulders to see if they can challenge them as to their right to vote. it is Republicans who are purging voting rolls in an attempt to glean out previous voters they find questionable and who all seem to be affiliated with the Democratic party. Democrats on the other hand want to expand voting hours and days and with outreach, to actually improve the franchise to vote and make it as easy as possible without making citizens have to pay a price for their right to vote. I am a Democrat and I will always vote against a Republican party bent to denying and destroying our last option for effecting real change.

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