Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The wealthy need to reinvest in America (#1895)

As the wealthy in our country continue to reap the benefit of our society and NOT put back into it, a change in the quality of life for most Americans continues to get worse. Without reinvestment by those who have profited immensely through the American economic system, we erode in our ability to continue to offer opportunities to those who are next to capitalize on our great society and it's innovative nature. The greed of this current crop of wealthy capitalists and their inability to understand the mutually shared vision held by all Americans to improve their lives, while giving creative enterprise an avenue for success, is destroying the delicate symmetry our country is battling to maintain. This lack of vision by the wealthy will be their undoing as it takes all of us working together to make and keep our country the greatest society on Earth. We are not maintaining a rising from poverty society with our current lack of investment in our country and our citizens. When our workforce is being compensated to the tune of improving their lives then the wealthy are doing their part while still making profit for their effort. We are not about creating a wealth class that ignores the roots of that wealth, but that is what we are doing. There are conservative forces in politics that have mounted a challenge to democracy in the name of privilege and advantage which cuts the legs out from under the body of our great society. If we allow this to continue, America will no longer represent the will of the people but instead the will of the wealthy dictating to the people.

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