Sunday, April 20, 2014

Voting maintains our liberty (#1906)

Many don't see the necessity to vote unless it is an election that they see directly affects their lives. It is the part about seeing that I want to discuss. Just because you don't see something as directly affecting your life that does'n't mean it isn't there. For young people, Republicans are trying to stop and even eliminate the minimum wage from increasing or even existing. For middle age workers, Republicans are trying to deny available jobs that our government historically created to jump start the economy and allow for more upward mobility of careers. For the seniors, Republicans are trying to eliminate Social Security and Medicare as retirement benefits earned over a lifetime of working. You may not feel these policies directly in your sphere of living but they will negatively effect the quality of your life. That you could have done something about it by just taking less than an hour out of your life to cast a vote against Republicans running for office everywhere they are on the ballot will come back to haunt you. If you don't take the time to see how Republicans are destroying the middle class, of which most all of us will spend the entirety of our lives, then you are not as smart or sophisticated as you think you are. The act of voting is the last political power most of us will ever have and by not exercising it we leave ourselves exposed to being ruled over by powerful Republican ideologues and their relentless push to make all of us captive to corporate interests without us having an advocate to fight for us. So when November comes around and you are still of the mindset that this election means little to nothing to you, what you are saying to the rest of us is that you don't care about us nor do you care about your own future. What will your children and grandchildren think when they learn of your cavalier disregard for their future?

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