Sunday, April 6, 2014

We are like frogs in a pot of water slowly starting to boil (#1892)

The conservatives have been creeping their harsh policies into our society while we all just continue to go about our lives without paying much attention to the little losses to overall fairness and equal justice. It has been a very effective strategy for them because so many of us are not clear about how our politics work. First, many have a hard time believing that one of our two major political parties, ie. Republicans, don't have the majority of our citizens' best welfare at heart. Well, unfortunately, those many would be wrong on that point. The only welfare Republicans are concerned with looking out for are the wealthy. Now here is a corollary to that premise, many working and poor American citizens believe that they must protect the wealthy in that they think someday they will be part of that elite group. the odds of that happening are one in millions, so don't allow yourself to be fooled that you are just trying to protect your future advantages, which advantages by the way harm the working middle poor class. Secondly, many of us are so busy with our family and personal lives that we just abdicate our attention to politics hoping that someone else will do the heavy lifting in keeping our democracy open and strong. That is not working since the Republican conservative party sense an opening and are spending a tremendous amount of resources telling us wrong information so that through our abdication, we don't question their seemingly take on the health of our society. Let me be clear, conservative Republicans wish to dismantle our democracy and then hand over the function of it to powerful corporations and their ideologues who own them. This is not sci-fi, this is reality and when you do wake up to the facts of conservative politics you may find that those of us who continue to battle them cannot win without help. We need all American citizens to question the politics of the day and reasonably decide for themselves.

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