Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Conservatives don't want democracy! (#1965)

When you spend all your time denying folks the right to vote you are not advancing democracy. When you spend all your time keeping folks in poverty while cutting off any benefits that will help them survive you are not practicing democracy. When you want to stop a national minimum wage that keeps folks out of even worse poverty you are not holding up democratic ideals. When you want to fight wars all over the world but do not establish a draft which includes all young men and women to participate in, you are not upholding equality which is the hallmark of democracies. When you deny women the control of their own destiny as it relates to birth control, you are subjecting them to subjugation, not democracy. When you won't guarantee in law that women should be paid the same for the same work a man does you are not practicing fairness or justice to all. As conservatives continue to try to break down the separation of church and state to install a one size Christian belief system as our governing principles, they ignore other religions and no religion as well established by the first amendment of our US Constitution. That is not all inclusive, instead it is segregated theocracy, which is another way Conservatives Republicans deny democracy. As conservatives continue to pillage our country for it's natural resources while leaving behind destroyed landscape and dirty toxins in our land, water and air our democracy that provides for all comes under attack by their fouling of our environment. Conservatives (Tories) fought against the idea that our country should have ever left the patronage sphere of the Kingdom of England and actually spilled blood to defend aristocracy and monarchy. That they would have changed since the founding of our country is not evident and instead they are still fighting against the idea of democracy being the rule of law in our governance.

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