Friday, June 6, 2014

Each of us is uniquely indefinable (#1953)

People may think they can "read" other people and know who they are but they would be wrong. First and foremost, we are all in a constant state of changing and who we are from one moment to the next is either subtly different or vastly different. Second, and not to be understated, is the fact that we all hide parts of ourselves that we wish to keep others from knowing. True some actually have devious and nefarious secrets but most are hiding great parts of themselves so as not to expose themselves to kidding or misunderstanding. I get that, we are simply preserving some of our dignity and pride we have in our approach to life. Nobody wants to be called a dreamer or denier of reality, yet inside we have these thoughts about how we can be some kind of superhero in ways that show how big our hearts are or how sensitive we are to making right out of wrong. It is part of our nature to belong and when we know that things are wrong in some way we want to make it right. In our society there is a protocol for doing things like that. It is centered mostly in citizen activism and forces us to put some of our hidden thoughts on the line. That's okay since being kidded for doing what is right is not a heavy price to pay, nor is being misunderstood, since explaining our rationale usually brings more souls to our defense. Furthermore, as we mature we begin to realize our own mortality and if we don't get out and defend who we are and what we stand for we may never get the chance waiting for that perfect moment. The circumstances of life have a way of taking time we expect to have from us. So despite the insecurity of being a principled person who is in a culture that doesn't prioritize principles as they should be, we must nonetheless plant our feet in the ground and defend who we are and what we hold dear.

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