Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How we get our working/middle/poor class agenda fulfilled! (#1964)

We do that by knowing where what little money we have left is being spent and direct it toward those commercial outlets that support our agenda. The power of a capitalistic system, even one bent toward the wealthy, like ours is based upon it's capital income. If we begin to choke off the overwhelming profit these anti middle/poor class companies/corporations are currently receiving, they will begin to scramble to find out that it is their anti American working class policies that are hitting them in the pocketbook. Yes, it all boils down to the bottom line for companies/corporations. If they find that supporting the American middle/poor class will increase their profits they will turn from being anti middle/poor class to being supportive of the middle/poor. Our power lies in our purchasing power so as much as we dislike that money is the root of policy change here in America, we must act within that paradigm if we want to effect intelligent change now. Until we can get enough liberal/progressive politicians elected who have clamored for reform to return democratic principles back to the highest priority over capitalistic ones we must spend our money with liberal/progressive supportive companies/corporations to make money work for us. So our duty to become informed about where our money is being spent must be given as much diligence as we put into our information gathering concerning who we vote for. Our politics have become so polemic that voting for liberal/progressive candidates for office will suffice, so little else of research is generally needed. We are also able to identify which consumer based outlets serve our liberal/progressive agenda as well since there are some studies on the Internet that show which companies/corporations now already support the American middle/poor class. We just need to question our sources for the answers and make the rest of them pay for their anti American middle/poor class policies.

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