Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It is easier to defend the truth than a lie (#1951)

I don't care how good a huckster or grifter you may be, you are not going to fool everyone or even most. So why the hell would you try? It is a choice to lie so surely you have some ulterior motive that benefits only you some way. That brings us to being selfish. All of us are struggling with our identities and in the meantime we need to survive as best we can. Some take this as I don't care about who I am or what I am supposed to be, I just want what I can take at any cost! Well there are those out there who think just like that. It is a simpletons way of thinking with a hard streak of cruelty but there you go. Instead we all should be learning as best we can in a continuously comprehensive way so that we are never out of touch with what is really important, the future of our society. So I have found that chasing after wealth of the kind that supplies me with innumerable material and service options is not the path toward who I am or what I want to be. That is selfishness to the core and I am not an advocate of selfishness. I prefer a mixture of selflessness and moderate sustenance. I am happy just being me so I don't need the appearance of "things" to justify myself. I have been crafting and framing my own person to be the wealth of my lifetime. I am the value I seek. As I get closer to being the better and best I can be I am filled with satisfaction that can only come from being truthful about who I am and how I live. I take some contentment in the fact that my life is mostly an open book for all to see. There is nothing there that makes me want to hide in shame or embarrassment. Surely I have made mistakes in the past for which I am aware, and instead of wallowing in the regret of those mistakes I have learned from them and made myself better. I don't have to defend lies to protect myself, I only need to defend the truth and that is easy as pie.

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