Monday, June 2, 2014

Prepare for the worst but always hope for the best (#1949)

I have learned this one the hard way. But over time I have come to embrace this philosophy wholeheartedly. So no matter what comes at me that I could possibly have foreseen I have already dealt with it in my mind and soul. Surely unexpected surprise is good but only if it is good. My experience is that unexpected surprises usually require me to compromise something I hadn't anticipated compromising. Instead of progressing forward, I find myself going backwards or sideways. So now I am living on the edge of life like there is no tomorrow so regardless if anything unforeseen comes at me I am better prepared for it. For those things that I can see coming at me, I expect the worse and then take whatever it becomes. That way I have all bases covered in the range of outcomes. There is nothing more demoralizing than not knowing and then realizing that your world is rocked in a bad way. There was nothing I came into this world with and everything I have gotten has been because we live in a civilized society that allowed me to flourish. So my expectations are correctly placed and that puts everything else into perspective for me. I am not owed anything nor do I deserve anything, I just am and that is where I live. So no fairy tale for me nor any expectations of them, but if they come along I will humbly accept. Those who live life in an arrogant state of some sort of privilege never got the concept of humility and all the truth that that exposes. Such an angry way to live but that is the choice many make and when they are disappointed or caught off guard they do things that show they had no preparedness for, usually a disaster or a hastily, ill conceived plan that complicates things even further. Just let go and realize that every breath you have is a bonus and thank existence for it.

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