Friday, June 13, 2014

"That's all I can stands, I can't stands no more!"-Popeye. (#1960)

Words to live by from one of my favorite fictional cartoon characters of my youth. We all get to a boiling point or at least a brick wall and then we decide to act to counter the thought or action that is frustrating us. It is a survival instinct that permeates throughout our human genetics. That is why we are not sedentary as a rule. We are a restless species continually, in a metaphorical way, kicking over rocks to see what is under them. We are not satisfied with guessing or maybes as answers. We resolve to find answers that align with facts and logic, well at least the ones of us who can understand how the process of facts fit within a logical sequence thereby leading to factual conclusions. Logic is the association of simple givens in order to get to a complex solution. It is how we all can get to the same conclusion with the same set of facts. It is a process, not unlike our alphabet or our numerical system. If we all utilize the same process for understanding then we all can communicate about what is possible without losing sight of our existing reality. Logic gives us a floor from which to stand upon. The key is to know how logic works and then apply it to existing conclusions. If those conclusions remain logical then we can build upon those conclusions to form new premises. It is premises that have to be factual and using premises in conjunction with other premises is how we get to new conclusions. Logic is our path to our never ending building blocks of factual knowledge. As each generation builds new conclusions from our valid premises, our world advances together with all learning the same facts. It is when we get fallacious logic forwarded as truth that the trouble begins and weeding out the fallacious is not easy when it strategically fits an agenda promoted by powerful people. How could such people do such a thing, you may ask? Well it is usually through greed, but not limited to greed, as power and a distorted sense of love can also be found as culprits. Thus my "Popeye" frustration with those who don't understand how logic works.

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