Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The importance of the American working middle class (#1971)

What absolutely astounds me is that I feel the need to somewhat explain the idea of the value our American working middle class brings. What also grinds on my soul is the idea that some politically powerful wealthy folks feel the need to dismantle our working middle class into just a lower class dependent upon their graciousness for our happiness, while increasing their already skyrocketing profits. What this persistent group of greedy troublemakers don't understand is that they will fail and then a time of reckoning will befall them. They do not see that as possible but then again, they do not see through our eyes who we are as the majority of Americans either. Regardless of their final fate, we as the class of citizens who are striving mightily to keep up with our responsibilities and even more so improve upon them, have a clear path to ending the reign of that powerful group of wealthy come this November at the voting booth. How is it that we can stop that group of wealthy who want less and less for the working middle class? We cast our votes for Democrats! The Republican party has been the enabler of the wealthy for too long a period and that must stop! A thriving American working class has the ability to lift the quality of life for not only ourselves but for those who are trying to get to the middle class from the lower class. We, as a middle class, think in terms of all of us and not in terms of just some of us. We American working middle class are the epitome of democracy as we actually live the ideals we represent to others. Our ethic is to work for a better life for ourselves and an even better life for the generations to follow. If anything, democracy is trumpeted by the very existence of our majority and anyone who would deny the American middle class it's rightful and growing place in our society is not seeking to enhance democracy but instead to subvert democracy.

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