Sunday, June 22, 2014

The national election of 2014 (#1969)

Like the landmark year of 1969, this upcoming November 2014 election will have much to say about our collective future. We went to the moon in 1969 and our lives were changed forever because of the hope and possibility that mighty event birthed within all generations since. As dramatic as that was this election in November can have the same kind of generational effect on people throughout the world, not just here in America. We have the option to turn back the misguided political vision conservative republicans want to instill into our social, justice and economic policies by reducing the effectiveness of democracy. We have the ability and the numbers to create new leadership in the House of Representatives, despite the locked in redistricting conservatives created for themselves, not the American public, and we have plenty enough opportunity to keep and maintain our leadership in the Senate. Along with a President who is fed up with obstructionist policies by conservative republicans, we can get much done after the November election that will profoundly impact many generations into the future. I hear many political pundits talk about how 2016 is the year we should all work toward in gaining the advantages we need to overcome conservative republicans but I say why wait until then as the wait will only continue the misery millions of American working/middle/poor class folks will have to needlessly endure. I say needlessly because we have the majority voters out there now to accomplish the democratic majorities we need to start after November 2014. I feel the frustration of many who see the conservative republican party as one that will take from the working/middle/poor while returning nothing back. So let's repay them by not sending conservative Republicans back to office and elect democrats who will actually serve the majority of their constituents.

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