Saturday, June 14, 2014

The sloth of transference (#1961)

Some confused people just get angry and lash out at what ever is convenient that doesn't come into tune with either their agenda or beliefs. They rail against and blame the nearest whipping post when their idea of what should be doesn't come to fruition. I am quite different in that I look for the cause of what is not right and then find ways to rectify and justify a new course of action in order to obtain a good logical outcome. Not some people, instead they find that actually doing the correct work to investigate the problem that ails them is too much work and so therefore any and all short cutting of the solution is acceptable if they are able to shout louder than everyone else. It isn't just the volume they use to magnify their insignificance but it is the falsity of their reasoning that instills chaos all around them in order to sway uninformed souls to their outrage. I see it as sloth, the laziness that makes some people think that they are especially smarter than others so that they don't need to know the details of a circumstance and the real root cause. They have found a convenient scapegoat and for them it is a 24/7 blame game. Why do the work to identify a problem's solution when you can puff out your chest and claim that all problems stem from one source and you are the wisdom that can alleviate those problems if only everyone would do as you say? The ego of some is astounding yet there are many who are far from the knowledge to see it for what it is and fall for it. Conservatives have been letting our educational system fall apart as a strategy of under funding national education so that we don't have as many "free" thinkers advancing through our society but instead just learners of what to do without questioning the premise of the doing. Being lazy or slothful will allow for the manipulative ego driven to come in and direct our lives unless we learn to question the very nature of our society as a whole and then weigh it's efficacy and honorableness for ourselves.

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