Friday, June 20, 2014

We progressives by our very nature, progress! (#1967)

How natural it is for me to want new and yet unknown intelligent paradigms in my life. It is a fact of my being that living with no progress is like being trapped in a time warp. Not natural. Our Universe is changing, our solar system is changing, our planet is changing so why would I, who lives within these boundaries, not change as well? Why would I be static while everything else is moving? Survival is a word that describes our eventual ascension to life. We as a species came into existence, not because we stayed the same but because we adapted and morphed into a species that can now better withstand the harsh reality of our environment. We never stopped our progress forward to claim that we had arrived at our ultimate state of being and then just hunkered in to fearfully defend ourselves. Instead we are an offensive species. We take chances to find out what we don't know by utilizing our courage and our inquisitive nature. We do boldly go where no man/woman has ever gone before. Our species is an amazing example of survival and not only survival but of advancement. We do not crawl into a hole with the outlook of a coward as a rule. My identity as a human being is humbling. Despite the despicableness of some within our societies, overall we are a worthy species. As we move into each new and changing day, my opinion of our species is further fortified as being capable of understanding our unique progression in this often volatile and difficult reality. Our species has much to do yet and that is the point of progress, to get to the next first step toward understanding and accepting our place within this time and space. We will know what is out there by moving forward with the changes around us and when all of us "get" that progress is our purpose we will all live better and more fulfilling lives together.

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