Friday, June 27, 2014

You are what you vote (#1974)

Think about that for a moment. What party and candidates you vote for reflect you in their policies. Are you a conservative/libertarian Republican who wants restricted civil rights while advocating for almost unregulated business rights? Are you a liberal/progressive Democrat who wants expanded civil rights while advocating for necessary regulations on business? Are you a Republican who wants religion to direct our constitution and laws; or are you a Democrat who wants to continue the founding of our constitution and it's separation of church and state? Do you want the Republican ideal of a massive military that should intervene with wars when it suits their perceived idea of "vital interest", or do you want the Democrat ideal of a smaller more efficient military, only required when all avenues of intelligent diplomatic intervention have been exhausted? Do you want the Republican plan to have the wealthy, able to spend millions upon millions of dollars, to influence our elections to their advantage over the rest of us, or do you want the Democrat plan to end the practice of using private money to influence our elections? Do you like the idea that Republicans advance that government doesn't have a role in protecting our most vulnerable citizens and in helping to create the atmosphere for smart economic growth, or do you like the idea that Democrats are fighting hard to protect our social safety net while looking to refurbish and recreate smarter transportation and energy delivery systems? Do you like the idea that Republicans want the "not so free market" to determine our destinies; or do you want what the Democrats are protecting, our Democracy to determine our destinies? The real you will decide come November and when you do decide, you can then know who you are!

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