Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Accomplishment is change (#1993)

I am well satisfied at times when I get something done to completion and I stand back and look at it to see that what was there before is now gone and something new is in it's place. Hence, change. Life is all about change, nothing but change and forever will be about change. Nothing in this existence will ever be able to stop change. The concept of even stopping change is a change in itself. The sooner our mass citizenry understands this simple formula the better we will all be for it. Those who cling to the past or the present in ways that don't allow for change are not living in the same dimension where reality exists. Nothing was the same as it is right now in comparison. Everything in life is in motion and that simple law of physics should be enough to make everyone realize that even at rest motion is still occurring. Although an object may be perfectly still for a moment, the rest of our environment and Universe is still moving, which moves us right along with it. The same goes for our society. It is in constant motion with daily births and deaths, with struggles to survive the harsh realities we have yet to ameliorate. Change is as inevitable as the time and space we reside within. It is an absolute law of the Universe unto itself. So instead of doing nothing and letting change happen around us in a chaotic formula, we need to be part of the change and use our ability to effect change to our most advantageous benefit. Embracing change is the first step toward having some control over what change does in our lives. Whether the change is easy or whether the change is hard, we need to move into the change with our eyes open and our minds clear so that when the change occurs it will not catch us unaware. I prefer to accomplish change over being subject to it, controlling the destiny of our lives requires us to use our magnificent abilities to being the object of change instead of being the subject that change will demand from us. You?

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