Friday, July 25, 2014

Courage is not your enemy, fear is! (#2002)

How much longer must we tolerate ideologies that suppress and demean us? What will it take for us to finally say enough is enough? I know what is holding us back, fear. We are afraid of being recognized for standing up for honor. yes, afraid to stand up for honor! Not only is it cowardice, it is stupidity. The rationales are endless when it comes to shirking our duty to democratic principles of governance. But not one of those rationales is honorable. The act of shirking dispels any honor involved. I wonder sometimes if my own sense of our destiny as Americans is delusional, but then I think of others far more courageous than myself who have given far more for our way of life and I am thus reinvigorated to stand as close to them as possible. When Nathan Hale stated as he was about to be hanged, "I regret that I have but one life to lose for my country", inspires me to think that our democratic American experiment is the most worthy of political systems ever imagined. It allows for all of the citizens of our great country to participate in it's governmental function. Our democracy is based upon that idea that the least of us is our weakest link in the chain and must be strengthened. It is a system that sees the bottom of our society as the place to raise the foundation of opportunity. Anyone who would disparage the least of us is not in keeping with the principles of democracy. Yet we have a whole political party of conservative Republicans doing that very democracy undermining thing. This is where we must all recognize that the struggle for our democracy is not over. It is a constant battle for the will of our country even before it's founding from patriots like Nathan Hale. He regretted that he only had but one life to sacrifice, when will we be willing to sacrifice anything less worthy for the same ideal?

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