Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Health care for all (#2006)

I recently had a conversation/argument with an acquaintance of mine who was defending the Republican attempts to stop the subsidies to the Obamacare insurance subscribers from the national website where states had not set up their own exchanges. He argued that the letter of the law should prevail, despite me defending that the error that excluded explicit language was more a typo than an intent to eventually leave tens of millions without the important subsidies. The rationale my acquaintance used was a strict constructionist viewpoint that has been promulgated by the far right when it is convenient to the agenda of destroying social programs aimed at the lesser successful in our American economic system. What bothers me most is that if he didn't have his federal government job he would be directly negatively affected by what Republicans are doing. Despite the irony of his working for the federal government and arguing against federal government health care, he cares less about the millions of folks who previously had no health care and now can afford it only with the federal subsidies, than he does denying them this coverage. It is a not so subtle disdain for those who are not worthy for some reason that I will not try to understand. The reason I will not try to understand the unworthiness attributed to so many is that there can be no moral nor any logical reason that isn't based in negativity. I try to stay positive and reasoning out illogical negativity is not something I will bother my mind with. I get to the point where having discussions/arguments with this particular acquaintance is pointless and not worthy of my time and mental health. I am very consistent with who I share my life with in space and time and it has been customary for me to disappear out of those lives that have more harm intent within their thinking and doing than not. This is no exception and if only to stay true to my convictions, another family acquaintance will lose a day to day interactive privilege with me. There are times when tragedy and unforeseen circumstances bring us back together but in those cases toleration and civility will be observed but only for the moment of its necessity.

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