Tuesday, July 15, 2014

No gravitas from conservatives on the Supreme Court (#1992)

Being one with dignity and wisdom used to be something many people aspired toward. Not so much anymore as our capitalistic system has more or less bought off our standards of principle. Too many people would do too many utterly undignified acts for the price of little monetary reward. Our American society has been infiltrated with a dis-ease of greed. It is not difficult to see how deep the real infection of it has rooted. Take for example our current US Supreme Court. Not only are the majority conservative members allowing corporate interests to wine and dine them but they have as yet to rule once against those same corporate interests. It is not a coincidence that family members of the Justices and even the Justices themselves financially benefit from this wining and dining. What has also happened is that the decisions that favor these corporate interests have been in conjunction with opinions that leave most of us flabbergasted. Even lay people like myself who have some experience with constitutional law are ashamed and embarrassed by the opinions of our highest deliberative body. There is little precedent being followed nor rule of law that protects democracy as being exclusive to only biological people. For the life of me I am less impressed by our highest court and it's inability to protect the sanctity of all our citizenry instead of just a few wealthy ones. It is incredible to me that these 5 conservative men who are now more infamous than famous would allow themselves to be bought and paid. An aspiration of mine had always been to achieve complex comprehensive wisdom so that I may be of service to our great democracy, yet when I see a conservative majority on our highest court disregard objective wisdom for the favor of illogical democracy punishing political ideology I am somewhat negatively taken aback about what it is to be a United States Supreme Court Justice.

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