Monday, July 21, 2014

Republican policies of separate and unequal (#1998)

This is not a mistaken assumption by me. Just look at the normal day to day politics of the Republican party as my evidence. Survival of the fittest is behind every policy Republicans promote. They have already garnered a majority of the wealthy with this agenda and Republicans hope to parlay that support into election victories this coming November. Because as we all have seen recently, those who have the money and power can confuse and thwart those who don't so the democratic voting electorate advantage can be offset by misinformation and restrictions in who can vote. Think about this a moment, Republicans are restricting the rights of American citizens to vote by implementing laws that require too many hurdles to be overcome for too many poorer constituents. They use the guise of voter fraud in elections to justify their actions but any one who is paying attention can see that the statistics say there is little to no voter fraud. Yet these laws they pass are keeping hundreds and hundreds of thousands of citizens from voting. If you have enough money you can overcome these financial obstacles to have the proper identification in order to purchase the proper voting ID's, so those who have not the money to navigate the system in order to change their current ID into an acceptable form required by Republican passed laws, are left with no right to vote. The conservative majority on the Supreme Court have been about protecting these new laws that deny American citizens the right to vote so there it is. Conservative Republicans dwindling the democratic voting base in order for Republicans to win in elections where they would normally be unable. Why you ask do Republicans need to restrict voting? Because they cannot run and win on their platform of tax breaks for the wealthy and austerity for every one else.

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