Saturday, July 5, 2014

The American working/middle/poor class deserves better (#1982)

I know how hard it is to see what little good we have now and not want to jeopardize losing even that, but we deserve much more than what we are getting. How do we go about making secure what we have and also allow for more to become an opportunity for us? We do it by recognizing that we have a choice in our elections and then by making the choice to vote for the party that wants us to have more. Simple enough, yet so very effective. Why is it if it is so simple hasn't it happened in the past? Because too many folks don't vote is why. We don't think our vote will make much of a difference and/or we are just too busy in our lives to want to make a difference. I get all the reasons for not voting. I have had to really kick myself in the past to actually take the time to vote, but I did and it made me become more aware of the politics that affect our daily lives. This is how I became such a fierce advocate for progressive liberal policies. I know that they are the policies that make the working/middle/poor class worthy of existence. We are not here to be the pawns of the wealthy, we are here to be an integral part of all that happens here in America, not just what we can afford. The wealthy have their own agenda and for nearly 35 years that agenda has been the dominant one. It is time for the inequality of low taxes for the wealthy and more burdensome taxes and fees on the working/middle/poor class to be reversed. We are all American citizens, wealthy and not wealthy, and for our national policies to have the effect of making us, the overwhelmingly majority non-wealthy, feel desperately hopeless on a daily basis is regressive and hateful. We need to exercise our national right and duty as citizens and vote this coming November and beyond for the political party that best represents our proud sturdy American working/middle/poor class.

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