Thursday, July 17, 2014

You validate yourself (#1994)

You don't need anyone to tell you that you are worthy. Everyone is worthy, even those who continue to make a mess of their lives still have the option to choose to stop making a mess. We validate our own lives by doing the next right thing, whatever that next right thing is. We are the masters of our reality. We each have the ability to keep our noses out of others' lives and firmly planted in what we are doing with our own. It is how it works. We take care of ourselves and make sure that we are right and then let the world see us for who we are. I used to think that I needed others to tell me I was okay. I had such low esteem in myself that it was hard for me to even function as a real human being. I was always trying to be someone else for someone else. The cycle ended for me when I hit rock bottom and then saw that trying to validate myself with others was an illusion. I needed me to be the one who validated my own life. I had to impress myself with who I was and that was the turning point for me. No one is as omnipresent in my life like I am. I gave up the smoking, drinking and other chemicals of recreation and have since then been with me in a clear and present state. I know who I am now without a doubt and without the need to justify myself to anyone. I am a whole man who is proud of how far I have come from those days of being confused and of little self-worth. I have taken over me one hundred percent and nothing less will ever be acceptable. Surely I am still a work in progress but progress is the direction I am heading. It feels good to be able to explain myself to others when the need or question arises without hesitation as to my intent. I am free now of the bonds of self-doubt and henceforth I will validate whether I am worthy based upon my acts and deeds, not anyone else's opinion of me.

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