Friday, August 22, 2014

Are you tired of this yet? (#2030)

Republicans are threatening another government shutdown and are already blaming Democrats for what Republicans are choosing to do. Does this sound familiar? Republicans just did this last year for 16 days and then relented by passing a funding bill that opened up the parts of government they shut down. Republicans have a 17 seat swing majority in the House of Representatives, caused mainly by their control in 2010 to redraw district maps that heavily favored their candidates in contested districts. Every ten years, because of the census, the party that controls more statehouses is able to protect their party and candidates through the often disproportional redistricting that is allowed. But this year, 2014, Republicans have so turned off the majority of citizens in our country that if Democrats come out and vote there is a good chance to swing at least 25 states back toward Democrats and give Democrats the majority in the House of Representatives. Effectively, ending any shenanigans Republicans may have toward continuing to shutdown the government after this year and to end the Impeachment threat Republicans have planned if they can somehow take the Senate. So instead of electing Republicans, who have nothing but negative and harmful plans in store for the majority of us non-wealthy, we must elect Democrats who have policies that will reward the working/middle/poor class with opportunities to succeed now being obstructed by Republicans. It is really that simple a fix. We Democrats must prepare ourselves by making sure we are rightly on the voter rolls and then every one of us exercise our right to vote. Republicans have proven over and over again that they are only interested in securing a better future for the wealthy at the expense of what little the working/middle/poor class has left. This insanity must stop and no amount of chaos, misinformation nor voter suppression should stop we Democrats and our supporters from achieving an end to Republican majority House representation.

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