Monday, August 18, 2014

Controlling the narrative (#2026)

The fatal incident in Ferguson Missouri has become a flash point and a line in the sand moment for those of us who see racism as all too prevalent in our society here in America. Besides the fact that the 5 conservatives on our US Supreme Court have erroneously concluded that racism is not prevalent in our society, we see an all too different reality. As these 5 conservative justices are wrong so are the actions of police forces around the country who often militarize their actions against minorities all too often. The media for it's part has been culpable in this as well. Often just reporting what it is told regardless of whether what they are told is factual. A mindset of giving authority the benefit of the doubt is disturbing. I need to be held accountable for all that I do, not just some of what I do. So it should be that all that authority does should be held accountable. If equality doesn't mean what is defined by equality then that needs to be explained. If the police are going to treat citizens differently based upon the color of their skin then we need to expose that and rectify it according to justice. If justice is also allowed to be subverted then what hope is there for the rest of us who are held to a different standard of equality and justice. I am a white man, so my perception of the harm being done to those who are not white is limited to my own sense of what should be honorable and what isn't. I can also ascribe to the feeling I get within my gut when I see injustice done to those for no other reason than their skin being a different shade than mine. I believe in democracy and as such I have a core of democratic principles by which I live. These core values of mine are being tested by the powers who are in control who do not believe that democracy is for all citizens regardless of wealth or race. I rant and expose the Republican party for it's anti-democratic platform and as well I rant and expose racism where ever I see it. Who controls the narrative of what the truth is? We do, every one of us.

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