Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Democracy must be preserved before anything else (#2028)

Nothing rises to the level of democracy as the structure of our society. Nothing! Our capital economic system is not more important than our right to have an economic system at all. The structure that allows for creativity and scientific advancement can only come about when our society is free to choose those paradigms. Our freedom to be part of the political system is the heart of democracy and anything that restricts or takes that away is an attack on the very heart of democracy. Never be fooled by those who would liken one class of citizenry above another. It is an attack on what makes us most enlightened and most human. We are not a progressively petty species, we are a progressively diverse and tolerant one. If what we are considering in our current social and political realities is a harness on rights and privileges we are not moving forward but instead we are moving backwards toward division and loss of self-determination. If the equality of a foundational beginning and equal opportunity are not front and center in every aspect of law then we have failed to uphold the ideals of democracy. Shame on us for accepting less than what we should rightly demand and even more shame on those who fail to offer democratic principles as our choice. That we should have to settle for less when all is at stake speaks more about the corruption we allow in our governing and less about the ideals of governing democracy has gifted us with. When we are forced to compromise with those who are moving further from democracy toward plutocracy or oligarchy, we are not struggling to be better, we are instead compromising to be worse. The fight should not be about how little we can change our reality but in how greatly we can change our future. Any attack on the sacredness of democracy is an attack on the fundamental right to exist we all should be proud to defend.

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