Friday, August 29, 2014

Vote or quit! (#2037)

This November will tell the tale of our American society. We will either engage in the politics of our society and vote for what we know is right and good or we will cower to the idea that others know better and we won't get in their way. Voting or quitting will be the final summary of what happens after November 4th. If history or destiny mean anything to all of us then know this, we are judged by our committed acts and also by the acts we don't employ, both commission and omission are the options, what will you choose to do, something or nothing? I like to believe that I am like everyone else but I know that is not true in the sense of time and space. When I was a younger man I was less informed and had a cavalier attitude toward structured society. Surely there are those out there who are of the same ilk and then there are some who are too busy in their structured lives to give a hoot about the abstractions of political theory. Except that many of those who control the balance of political ideas have the power to herd us unwittingly into irrationally harmful polices. If we do not claim our heritage and our duty to have a voice in the process of deciding our own futures, we have abdicated our right to be free individuals. Yes, we are giving away part of our right to our own future. Nothing on this planet is more important than one person one vote. Yes, I said nothing is more important. Not even life and death. For all of those who have fought and died in wars over the span of our democracy, the underlying cause has been for our right to self-determination. Self-determination was the catalyst for the formation of our country to begin with. How precious is the knowledge that others have died for our right to participate in defining our own future. If you think about the value of your right to vote, you will see that it is priceless. No amount of money can be offered to me for the right of my vote to be taken away. Therefore, not exercising my right to vote when the voting time comes is cowardly of me and an utter disrespect toward all those who fought and died for my right to have it.

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