Thursday, August 21, 2014

Our vote is our only hope (#2029)

There is one tool left we all have to keep our democracy and to improve it. First, to keep it we must elect candidates that reflect our democratic ideals of, race, sex, gender equality; equality of opportunity for all our citizens; and the end of influence peddling in our nation's capitol. These are but a few ideals and policies we must keep front and center in how we decide to vote. This is how we maintain democracy, by voting for candidates that reflect the majority will of our country and not the minority will of the wealthy. We have two political parties here in America that have staked out their philosophical positions. Republicans wish to tamp down democracy to favor a hybrid oligarchy/plutocracy form of government. What is a hybrid oligarchy/plutocracy you may ask? A government that caters to wealthy individuals and corporations as the vessels of power and giving them the right and privilege of determining the outcomes of our lives. We Democrats have staked out the ground that keeps democracy as our form of government and continues the well established paradigm of elected representative government, where we the people determine the outcomes of our lives by electing representatives who speak with our voice. The days of metaphorical rulers, kings and queens to guide us is not our future, it is our past and those Republicans who wish to continue treating our American citizenry as the unsophisticated, uneducated dirty masses must be made to learn that lesson. Our vote, our individual vote is all that stands between us and the loss of our democracy to the greed and power of egoistic Republicans. This coming November we will all get a real chance to exercise our vote, that is where Republicans have not yet suppressed voting rights, and send a clear message by electing Democrats everywhere on every ballot to continue the march forward our founding fathers/mothers gave us back in 1789.

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