Sunday, August 31, 2014

The absolute necessity of regulations on capital enterprises (#2039)

Left to the concept of "market demand" capitalists would charge millions for a drink of water if they had no regulations on how they apply "free enterprise". When I hear Republicans falsely complaining about how regulations are stifling job creation I cringe at the falsehood. What is stifling job creation is greed on the part of the corporate/company entity and it's at all costs race to inflate it's own "bottom line". If no regulations were required, there would be no protecting our food supply from the most unsanitary processing conditions. There would be no protecting our waterways from the type of pollution now being experienced in North Carolina through Duke Energy waste product dumping in our rivers. There would be no restriction on whatever toxin would be allowed to be pumped into our natural atmosphere that is essential for us to breathe. There would be no restriction on the pesticides and herbicides allowed to be absorbed by us into our bodies through "bottom line" crop management. We would have no protections on what is disseminated as truth, what is left of it, in our news outlets and educational institutions. When I here Republicans advocate for eliminating environmental, educational, energy, labor, commerce and even housing authority positions within our government, as well as ending the social safety net, I know that their agenda is to open up our society to the deregulation theory of every man/woman/child for themselves. A lack of civilized society within the framework of a plutocracy, where corporations are not only people but people with extra-constitutional protections and the idea that money is speech gives those with money the ability to take their speech, regardless of truth, to a level where it drowns out voices that are truthful in their oppositional real speech. The Republican anti-regulation crowd has shown that denying science and climate change, denying voter rights, denying immigration reform, denying women equal working rights, and dominion over their own bodies, among other denials is more important to them than protecting Americans from the greed that capitalism can produce when the wealthy disregard democracy as a their guiding vision.

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