Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The disingenuous Republican party (#2034)

Maybe it's the name that people who vote Republican are enamored with. I am not sure why anyone other than the very wealthy would ever vote for them but I can guess a few other reasons but they are at best guesses. It seems that folks who see race as an issue don't want to vote with diverse races. I think this one is a big part of why people vote Republican instead of Democrat. Especially considering that those folks who are not wealthy are voting against Democrats who actually better represent their interests. But I suppose hatred for other races of folks because their skin color is a different shade is a much more powerful allure than common sense. The other reason is baffling to me but still valid in my mind. It involves people who vote Republican actually not liking equality. Republicans have shown that they are not averse to separating classes of people based upon other factors than race. Republicans like the idea of a readily available servant class that is not entitled to the special privileges and advantages they want to maintain for themselves. Even if the poorer Republican voter is part of that servant class, it makes them feel content inside that they think of themselves as more than the lower servants in that class. It is a head scratcher to me but there it is from my point of view. There is something about being ignorant to the many wonders and creative innovations in the world that is also appealing.  Rather than become enlightened, Republicans would rather fall back on old customs, superstitions and myths as a comfort to their fears than to overcome them. It is what has worked in the past and why change what works is their motto. However, what they see as "what works" only applies when discrimination and oppression are part of it. I will go to my grave with the disappointment that we all could not grasp the idea that we are new and fresh and our world can reflect what is best about our species and not just the same old divisions that Republicans seem intent upon carrying forward.

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