Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Conservatives don't care, they are waiting for the rapture (#2210)

When we talk about the horrible atrocities and looming climate disaster we are creating conservatives just shrug it off like it is natural for them to take place. You see they are waiting for the end times decried about in the Bible. So the more catastrophes and wars the better as they see it. It means they are one step closer to being transported up to Heaven. Most conservatives are highly religious in a few areas of their lives. They do not follow the Bible strictly but conveniently. So when the idea of doing nothing in order to solve our world problems faces them they choose to do nothing and even exacerbate situations to help them along in there destructive path. So much simpler that way because of some promise in some ancient book they hold dear. Going to Heaven before death is such a grand idea to them since they have no courage to live out their lives as exemplary humans. So don't be surprised when Republicans act contrary to science, logic and common sense and say that the climate is supposed to be the way it is and we shouldn't interfere with nature. Although their argument is badly flawed to being absolutely wrong, it does enough to keep them from having to face reality instead of their fantasy. When poverty, hunger and lack of work are rampant Republicans are more secure in the knowledge that the rapture is close. They are trying too hard to make an illusory prophesy come true, instead of being good sovereign stewards of our planet and solving many of the problems we humans continue to create. The puzzlement as to their thoughts and acts are less a mystery now and given that the rest of us have a duty to shut them out of our reality based progressive lives so that we can go about solving problems despite their intransigence, we need to do just that.

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