Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Logic is the future (#2195)

Logic is the ability to take what we know and make sense of it. It is the process by which we find common ground based upon known factors. This is what distinguishes us from all other life forms. We can reason, analyze and conclude based upon truths and givens. Is logic perfect? No, but when we find fallacies we are able to correct them and then keep moving forward. Logic is our floor from which to begin. Metaphorically, if we find we have risen above our floor with a theory and cannot defend our position, then we are able to go back to the beginning where we first began our theory and restart with another one. Logic gives us the firm foundation of beginning. It is in the knowing that we have a floor from which we won't fall below is what logic does for us as long as we accept logic as our reality. Now many have chosen not to follow logic and have instead chosen to follow some belief system based upon faith. The problem arises when faith is not the answer to what our current problems require. If I have the faith that not breathing will still keep me alive, I will soon learn that not breathing will end me regardless of the faith I put into it. We need logic to help us understand this. We know that oxygen is required by our lungs to feed our blood and therefore maintain our ability to stay alive. This is a logical understanding. So keeping oxygen coming into our lungs is necessary for us to be alive. As simple and childlike as this example is it does illustrate just how important it is for us to base our understandings on logic and not just on faith. With logic we are able to create and innovate because logic is a process by which all new information is questioned and integrated into our growing knowledge base. We all can partake of it since logic is not a restrictive utility. There is no denying that logic is the paradigm by which every human may agree on a subject given logic's ability to explain itself based upon facts.

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