Thursday, February 19, 2015

Quit being cowards and demand what is right and good! (#2211)

Too much fear here in America. It is everywhere in every state and county. The Republican party has spent billions of dollars to persuade folks that they should be afraid instead of being courageous. Well I am here to say be courageous and demand what is right and good for our society. All of us citizens deserve the right to vote, deserve the right to have a job, deserve the right to health care and deserve the right to an objective education. We are all family here whether the Republican party wants to admit it or not. I am sick and tired of Republicans splitting us apart with their policies of segregation and denial of rights. What they are doing to women is especially heinous. They treat women more as property than as our equal mothers and sisters. What gives them the right to tell us that some of us are better than others of us? It is an arrogance of wealth and power that they protect and nothing out of logic or common sense will persuade them to change their way of thinking. So they continue to propagandize us with divisiveness and fear. It is up to us to reject it and to advocate back at them that we are all deserving of opportunity, not just some of us. We all are invested in making our country prosperous and efficient while providing for our basic human needs. We are a country poised to advance creative technology and innovation to all sectors of our society in order to modernize and mobilize our greatest strengths, our compassion and our curiosity. Never before in the history of humankind have we been so ready to throw off the shackles of intolerance, superstition and indifference. But one final human attribute is required before we can move forward into our destiny. We must find the courage within all of us to stand firm for enlightenment and to call out fear for what it is and then triumph over it.

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