Thursday, February 26, 2015

Republicans named their cheap labor legislation, "right to work", in order to fool people (#2218)

This is something that the media is falling for head over heals. They report about disruptions to "right to work" legislation, which makes those disrupting look like anti work advocates, which is the wrong impression. Those protesters are protesting the legislation for what's in it, not what it is named. The media is helping the legislation by calling it what it isn't. It is legislation that is forcing out unions as representatives of the workers so that owners of large businesses and corporations can pay lower wages. It is legislation securing lower wages for workers. If people were aware that the legislation will make workers struggle even more in our current oppressive income inequality society, they would be getting the right impression of the legislation. A good rule of thumb is to always be skeptical of any legislation Republicans are pushing that affects workers pay and benefits. Republicans are the cheap labor party and everything they ever introduce as legislation will not divert from making us all into cheap labor workers. They believe that if we are all left with little to gain and no governmental social programs to help the vulnerable that we are getting what we deserve. Republicans think that most who are not wealthy are inferior human beings and unworthy of their time and resources. Their mindset is a survival of the fittest one from our long ago past. As long as they can get cheap labor for their benefactors then having us all work for cheap labor increases an already much too wide income inequality dynamic. Greed and power are their goals not raising the living standard of our citizenry. This country belongs to all of us not just the wealthy and their boot licking sycophants. Working folks voting for Republicans and their agenda is like working hard all day and then expecting nothing for your labor. It is mostly accomplished through tricks like naming cheap labor legislation right to work.

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