Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Society crumbles when education is devalued (#2209)

Instead of focusing on our ability to create critical thinkers in our education systems, conservatives have decided that critical thinking is not for everyone. they instead have chosen to teach religion as guide to our children's future and belittled science, math, art and history as irrelevant. What these
Republican conservatives hope to accomplish is a robotic mundane society that is dependent upon an elite class of wealthy to instruct them as to how to live. A  mostly two caste society where there are the demigods and the underlings. I suppose it is in the best interests of the wealthy to stake a claim on how society is run if for only the selfish reason of securely maintaining their grip on wealth and power. As that may work well for them it is not in the best interest of the rest of us who must cater to their desires devoid of our own sacrifice. We currently have a society that gives us democratic options for building our society based upon the majority/minority interest, however, we are not long for that as the very small minority made up of the wealthiest are about to usurp our democracy in order to facilitate a plutocracy. Now you may think I am being conspiratorial here but no, I am only following the evidence. Free speech is now money and corporations are now people. Our voting rights are being whittled away through dissembling the voting rights act to onerous voter identification laws. Gerrymandering has given the Republican party an absolute iron grip on the House of Representatives thus assuring that the wealthy continue to have control over how our government spends it's resources. As more and more of our public resources are privatized there is less and less we the people have control over. Where we miserably fail is in our education paradigm, which is being attacked from the wealthy onto the teachers and the curriculum. I am not long for this world as my days are in sunset but it won't be too much longer before our democracy is a thing of the past just like I will be.

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