Monday, February 9, 2015

Society should never reward bad behavior (#2201)

In a truly remarkable blight on the process of our democracy there are currently 31 states with laws on the books that allow for a rapist to sue for custody or visitation. Think about that for a moment, a woman is violated in her private life and the outcome of that violation gives the violator a say in that woman's life going forward. In what logical thought about fairness or justice does this make sense? When the violator is given rights to intervene in the life of the violated? Apparently in over 60% of our 50 states it is allowed. Now I am having a really hard time here trying to convince myself that we are a civilized society. When we cannot protect the rights of the violated and pass laws that protect the violators. The abomination of this reality has no bounds. This is a perfect example of how far we still need to go to becoming a truly egalitarian society. Our women are subject to laws that are a major disadvantage to them. Nowhere in a democratic society should this be so. Men and women are equal members and any law that puts them at a disadvantage should be abolished. That men who commit crimes of a nefarious and sickening nature are allowed privileges from that outlaw behavior is also an abomination. How is it that these laws that give rapists parental rights continue to exist? Because it is men who have had the reins of power that let it be so. Men who are not worthy of being called honorable protecting men who by their actions are despicable. Our nation needs to wipe clean this slate of laws in the many various states that protect parental rights for rapists, and instead give no rapist ever the claim to being a parent to any child born of their illegal and immoral act.

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