Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The courage to overcome fear (#2196)

Most all fear is from the idea of death. We know that death will find all of us no matter who we are so being afraid of dying is foolish. Why be afraid of something we will all experience. So any other fears seem rather secondary. Living in this world will cause some minor fears to develop but nothing like the fear of death. So overcoming our fear of death seems to be our greatest obstacle to living. Funny how that works, we spend too much time worrying about dying, which will happen regardless, and not enough time actually living while we have the time. Living in fear is an awful way to live. I prefer to live in possibility. Which means that I allow my curious nature to explore what I don't know even when danger is part of the mix. No amount of living will ever be safe and secure from all harms. So just let nature and our own abilities guide us in whatever progress we pursue, while taking care to use our wisdom and common sense. Fear should have nothing to do with how we rationalize our understandings. Now some may say what are you talking about Carl? What fear is keeping me from living my life? I refer to the fear of the unknown and how we create scenarios to alleviate that fear through institutional beliefs and hoped for faiths. If I believe that a God has my back, I am not dealing with my fear, I am creating an illusion that my fear can continue to exist from because a God is my buffer. A temporary fix for a lack of my own courage to deal with reality because it is so scary. Now I am not saying that having faith in a God is wrong. But what I am saying is that a faith in a God in order to alleviate my fear is wrong. My fear stems from my own inabilities. I must conquer my own fears about life before I subscribe to living it with conviction. We all have our battle with inner fear to fight and the sooner we get on with it the more rational and courageous our lives will be.

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