Thursday, February 12, 2015

The hard choices in life (#2204)

A friend has reminded me of how I am torn between how we survive. We often must kill those who are trying to kill us and live with it. I hate killing, it is barbaric and mostly fueled by hate, yet the choice whether to let someone or something take our lives at their discretion will not be tolerated by me. I will live with the guilt of deciding to kill if that is the final choice I have. neither will I wait for the intent to kill me to come to me. I will seek it out if left with no hope for another possibility. A very hard choice but we live in a hard world as we are so often reminded. I wish it were not so but it is not up to only me. For any chance of peace to be our normal we must get past those who want to only war. Most warring is horrible and should never be entered into unless it is for the defense our right to exist. There are those out there who only have one mission, to kill us as a society. They are extremists who wish to take personal liberty and freedom and destroy it. I will not let go of the dream of our forefathers/mothers who gave their lives defending their right to self-determination. never! Even if it offends my conscience. Peace will only be gained through strength of not only power but of conviction. At no time shall those soul less ones ever have dominion over me. I will kill to protect against the ravages of the barbarians wherever they show there existence. Whether here in my front yard or halfway around the world, they will feel no safe harbor from my wrath if they choose to kill to subject us. I am of one mind about this and for years have evolved to this point. The sickness in our world is fueled by hatred, prejudice and greedy small minded people. These are ills that need to be wiped out but until they are they continue to foster extremism and the twisted souls who try to carry it out.

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