Sunday, February 15, 2015

The truth may be hard but lies are worse (#2207)

Once we each accept the fact that life is hard and no amount of sugar coating that is going to change it the sooner we can accept the truth and adjust our perspectives accordingly. It may seem like it is best sometimes to tell a lie in order to avoid a great harm but in the end the lie ends up being the greater harm. Maybe not in the same way but in that the truth is not exposed for what it is and it changes how we think and act without it. The first part of what I am saying here is that life is hard. It is hard and so are the realities we end up with. But not acknowledging that is the first step away from our real existence. We start out living in the truth if we are ever going to make something of our abilities. We rely on comprehensive facts and truths to be able to begin to understand the how and why we exist in the first place. Surely we can rely on myth, superstition and belief systems if we prefer but none of these is fact that is provable. I need proof beyond faith in something because I am a reasoned human being who like all the rest of us have the curiosity to want to know that which I don't know. I cannot just accept things as facts without verifying them to some degree of authenticity. If I were I would be gullible to any convenient lessening of the hard, life really is. I will not live in a world that provides more illusion than actual substance. I was born into this reality and in this reality I will base my understanding. I don't need someone to lie to me to make me feel better or to save me from some dismal reality. I just need the truth so that I can make conclusions based upon reason and analysis. I wish we were all so convicted in our principles to just accept what is and to make the best of it based upon what we know to be factually true.

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