Wednesday, February 25, 2015

To be civilized is to progress not regress (#2217)

You have to decide whether or not you want to be civilized. You cannot do anything else until you decide what you want. Do you want to live like a barbarian or do you want to live like an enlightened person? It is fundamental to every decision you make and every act you generate. it seems that too many want elements of both but that is where contradiction and chaos live. Logic dictates that being of two minds on the same issue is irrational. This is how the ridiculousness of cognitive dissonance flourishes. I prefer to be civilized myself. For one thing it is rational and not given to brute force. If I had wanted to live by barbarianism I would have foregone this blog and instead been out taking what I wanted without any care to my actions or the consequences others were left to deal with. I would not accept the law of the land as my guide for living, rather I would be skirting the law enough to get what I wanted without getting caught. The ancient form of barbarism wont fly today so a more subtle form of it is required to exist in a society that would be ripe for my picking. That is what many are doing now, subtly inculcating barbarisms into their illusory civilized lives. Again, a form of cognitive dissonance rampant in our society. This speaks to the overall dysfunction our society is experiencing and the lack of will to remedy these ills as policy. Progress has been tainted as a weakness and an ailment to be avoided. There are too many with much to much power trying desperately to take us back to the days when life was hard. They care not that they never experience the hard they are thrusting everyone else towards. But it doesn't matter to them because our pain and suffering only benefits them more. Be what you want but at least give yourself the dignity to know what you are before you do what you do.

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