Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Too many are only small picture people (#2216)

How we are supposed to live is to take care of our small picture lives while not losing focus on the bigger picture. Our small picture lives are our daily dealings and how we input ourselves into society. Our bigger picture lives involve how we help to improve our society and our futures. The problem we have now is that too many folks are only vested in securing their own lives without caring enough about our society as a whole. A lot of it has to do with not having the education and experience to grasp a wider and more panoramic perspective. In other words, a lot of us don't know what is going on around us because we haven't had enough exposure to many different cultures and ways of doing things outside our own experiences, beliefs and acceptances. We don't have a comprehensive understanding of how our society has evolved over the centuries nor do we care enough to learn. It seems that living in the moment and taking advantage of every opportunity is more important than what the consequences of our actions are permitting. I know the world at large is a daunting thought but we humans have always been the ones who discarded sedentary ways in favor of being bold explorers. The thirst we have for knowledge is currently being quelled by economic factors that have most of us down to scrambling for our next meal instead of our next great discovery. This is why I rail so hard against the current forces that have us locked in a battle against each other for the few resources the many of us have to share. Too few have too much and none of the rest of us have much of a chance to redeem our better selves during our lifetimes. We must recognize that most of us are living in a small box and we need to break out of the box in order to see the greater world around us.

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