Monday, February 16, 2015

We must have a truth in news national law (#2208)

I am beside myself trying to understand how we let this awful situation occur. Instead of punishing those who propagandize our news with misinformation and lies we allow it to happen. As if the effect of misinformation and lies will be of no consequence. It is absolutely insane to think that with our busy lives we would be able to filter these things correctly when there is no official effective legal filter to begin with. It is anti-modern to deny truth in advertising and truth in news reporting to our huge populace when private enterprise controls our media. A double edged sword in effect is always hanging over us with the agenda of the private sector differing from the concerns of our overall community and no buffer from untruths. We have gone too far in allowing free speech to contain the speech to lie as well as capital being given the definition of speech. What we have is a perfect opportunity for false news to inundate our public airwaves in the hopes of keeping us from any cohesive response to stop it. The wealthy who own the networks that broadcast in all mediums their ulterior motives through dissembling have effectively cornered the market on how we think about the subjects of the day. We are now being led by their ability to manipulate the news to serve their purposefully dishonest intent. Instead of us learning how the news of the day integrates into our own lives we are being told how it integrates into our own lives. Big difference! If we cannot reclaim our rights to truth in news and stop and reverse the effects of money as speech, we will soon find that we have given over our rights to establish our own conclusions based upon the truth and become more and more just servants of those who demand more and more from us.

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