Monday, February 2, 2015

When you can't see the forest for the trees. (#2194)

The old saying is true in my observation of so many people that I need to respond to it. The word comprehensive is a very powerful word. By knowing the meaning of it we get to change our perspective about things that we encounter. Comprehensive is a term used to describe an overview, or the whole version of a situation or problem. I paraphrased here in order to make the definition more easily understood. When we see a situation or problem in it's entirety we are better able to assess it's virtue or lack thereof. When we don''t apply comprehensiveness to these scenarios we are only catching a snapshot of the situation or problem and our opinion about a conclusion is less viable since we know less about the entire problem. Then there are those who have an agenda to tear down something good by only pointing out it's inevitable minor discrepancies or they try to build up a fallacious policy by only pointing out it's few virtues and ignoring it's many harmful and unjust effects. Regardless, when a less than full understanding, or an ulterior motive is being used to determine a fact, we are all harmed by the incompleteness or nefariousness of the act. Comprehensiveness teaches us that there is no simple, black or white fix for most problems. Most problems require complex solutions and even then the solutions are not even near perfect. Yet we continue to get those who want something more than an honest debate controlling the narrative of what could be the best paradigm for our futures. They move the narrative away from a full understanding and replace it with what is either convenient for their purpose or a continuance of their tunnel vision like view. Unfortunately, we all suffer by their inability to put a comprehensive understanding to test before they engage in forcing illogical opinions based upon less than all the information.

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