Wednesday, March 4, 2015

An assault on intelligence (#2224)

We are still living in an age where the strategy of barbarism is a priority and any attempt to move forward into an enlightened method for resolving conflict is downplayed. I am absolutely appalled at the length that some are going in dismissing reason for the crude tool of crushing force. We have made our problems over time due to callous and greedy policies. All cultures on Earth are in varying degrees to blame for not being in harmony with peace. Yet some still think that brute force and indiscriminate harm is the best available answer. The trouble with that way of concluding is that it doesn't get at the genesis of the initial problem. There is too much greed happening in our world protected by forces that feed off of that greed. As some live in the sunlight of way too much, there too many do not even know where their next meal is coming from. The imbalance in our societies is the problem and no amount of destruction will ever be the answer. Causing harm on those who protest being harmed is curiously illogical. It's illogical to solve a problem by first denying there is a problem and then by trying to ignore and harm those who are being most disadvantaged by the problem. There are solutions to every man made problem but if we don't have the structure or the will to process toward those solutions then what we get is a constant state of strife and irrational thinking. The one mighty tool we have as humans is our ability to reason, not for selfishness, but for good. But until we move to only apply our reasoning to good then we will never find the peace we all deserve. If instead of waiting to die in order to go to some heaven, we actually tried to live our lives like we are already there, we would be taking the first step onto a path that will be filled with nothing but peace.

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