Friday, March 13, 2015

Compassion and curiosity is who we are (#2233)

We human probes have a distinct identity. Sure, we are information gatherers but more so we are an intelligent species with identifiable characteristics. I call us probes because we have senses we use to understand the existence we inhabit. The smells, sights, sounds, tastes and touch of things are the senses we use every moment we exist. We take in what data we receive and store it with previously gathered information in our unique memories. Yes, our memories are our storage units. not only do we store information, and much more than ordinary probes, we reason, analyze and conclude about not only specific information we gather but on a more complex level we reason, analyze and conclude on a comprehensive level. We are the ultimate in probes as yet known. Our capability is unmatched in the known Universe. So it is important to understand what our motivations are in a world where everyone is constantly trying to figure out their own particular purpose. I have spent a lifetime trying to understand what makes us tick. It always, and I mean always boils down to us having very distinct and powerful natures; curiosity for all that is around us and compassion for the struggle everything has to endure to survive in this otherwise harsh reality. I am at a loss for words to describe the gift that each human is. I am not able to express how magnificent a species we are without defining who we are. We are a biological data processor with the capacity to form wisdom based upon how we are able to logically and emotionally think. Not only are we able to logically calculate but we have also a unique unquantifiable instinct toward intuition. In other words we are able to project imagination with possibilities beyond facts. With our species, it all starts with us caring and wondering, simply put.

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