Sunday, March 22, 2015

Every one of us was meant for more than just surviving (#2242)

Unfortunately there are too many capitalists who see human life as a commodity. It is unfortunate since capitalists don't have to see maximizing profits at the expense of people. They could still have profit but also improve society and help enable those who are stuck in impoverished and under developed paradigms. But no, the majority of the current crop of capitalists have not much care for society on whole. Their major concern is maximizing profits without regard to the consequences of their actions. It is all around us from poverty wages to destruction of our environment. This shortsighted vision of greedy accumulation is an  economic illness we can least let continue. Our society has always done well for all when all are part of it in opportunistic ways. There has to be a sense of honor and respect for our way of life for it to remain healthy and vibrant. We do not know from where or from whom the next great breakthrough in our knowledge will come from and if we are not fostering the foundation from which anyone can succeed, we are only subtracting from our best chance in order to satisfy our illogical greed. I believe that the right amount of capitalism will help our society advance and progress but not an unfettered capitalism. An unfettered capitalism will funnel most all resource into the hands of a few who will be reluctant to part with it. Leaving the many scrambling for what is left. We were meant for more than just struggling to survive. Our ancestors have already fought that battle and won, giving us a democracy that hoped to achieve one day an equality unparalleled in all of our human history. We are at that crossroads but in order to move forward we must stop the ever widening capitalistic imbalance and restore more toward our societal ideals of ethical justice, fairness and opportunity. Otherwise the very trunk of our democracy will be in jeopardy of being pulled out by the root.

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